31 Days of Real Life: Days 9 and 10

Y'all, my brain is mush. I have 12 minutes to go until midnight, and I already missed yesterday's post so I don't want to delay any further. It seems to me that the best method of tackling today's challenge is to present real life as it actually happens...in a scattered delivery, full of quick transitions. Here goes...

  • Yesterday, my oldest son forgot to put his shoes on when we left for church. He didn't tell me this until we pulled into the parking lot. I was incredibly frustrated by this, but helped immensely by a lovely grandmother at my church who suggested that I give him a hug, explain that I accept his mistake and am not going to stay angry, and just bring him inside. There's a bit more to it than that, and you can check out the full story on my Facebook page, but I learned that getting, and staying, mad does not solve your issues. 
  • Every day, I get to drive Evelyn to and from pre-school and it's one of my favorite parts of the day. She tells me stories, we sing the Christian songs on the radio, I ask her questions, and sometimes we just drive in the quiet and are comfortable enough to be okay with that. I am so glad God picked me to be the mama for her and her brothers. 
  • On a less blissful note though, she has been waking up crying the last few nights almost as if she is in a stupor and not realizing that she is awake. I am wondering if it is a phase of night terrors, and am hoping it passes soon. Not only is uninterrupted sleep a precious and beautiful thing, but I hate to think that anything is terrifying her enough to wake her up and make her so sad (maybe she's dreaming about the upcoming presidential election?).
  • Chris had school tonight, so I took the kids out for a picnic dinner at the park. It was a nice chance to enjoy a beautiful fall day. I was shielding my eyes from the bright sun, watching them slide, balance, and run around, when I heard the clashing thump of metal on metal and saw that someone had read ended my van in the parking lot. Surely they must have noticed, for the noise was so cacophonous that everyone in the park turned their heads to see. When I realized that he wasn't stopping, I tried to wave him down, but to no avail. I did, however, snap a picture of his vehicle, filed a police report, and with the powers of word of mouth in small town America and social media, found out who it was very quickly. My insurance company will cover most of the damages, and in the end, I'm just so glad that none of the kids were standing anywhere near the back of the van when it happened. Maybe more on that saga tomorrow...
 My poor mom-mobile suffered some damage, but at least no one was injured! 

My poor mom-mobile suffered some damage, but at least no one was injured! 

Other quick random thoughts over the last two days:

-I'm thinking again about writing a devotional book for moms. Yikes! Just need to DO IT! 

-Don't fight evil with evil. Overcome evil with good. 

-Anger solves nothing.

-And last but not least, God is bigger than all of our stresses. 

Days 9 and 10: The End