31 Days of Real Life: Day 19

It's funny, because a picture can tell a 1000 words, but it can also hide 1000 more.  

Chris has school on Wednesday nights so he had to leave as soon as I got home from work. Time being in short supply these days, and knowing that we needed to accomplish our annual Jack-o'lantern carving tradition soon, the kids and I said goodbye to daddy, climbed in the van, and headed to a Farmer's Market just down the street to pick out some pumpkins. I snapped this picture right before we left the market, and while I love their smiles and while our pumpkins are just right for the five of us, this picture doesn't say it all.

It doesn't say that Evelyn gave me copious amounts of sass because there wasn't room for her to sit on the wagon, or that she and Christopher had been bickering like an old married couple all evening, or that a second later, she dropped her pumpkin on Jackson's head (purely on accident though!) and then it fell and rolled under the car parked next to us. It doesn't show Jackson being upset because he didn't get a chance to pull the wagon, or one of the kids tripping as we walked under the awning of the market to pay...it shows the smiles and the pumpkins and the happiness of the moment, and for that, I'm thankful. But it's also important to note that the unhappy, gray-hair-inducing moments DO happen...for EVERYBODY. Sometimes we tend to forget that, at least when looking out in the great beyond known as social media. We look at everyone's highlight reels and don't believe that they ever have any bloopers like our own. But we ALL do. Not every moment is perfection. There is always a mixture of highs and lows. But what we choose to remember is up to us.