31 Days of Real Life: Day 5

The purpose of this writing challenge is two fold:

1. To prompt myself to actually write and post something every single day this month.

2. To make sure each post falls under the theme of "Real Life." No sugar coating allowed.

Keeping that in mind, I give you day 5 of my "real life" experience. Welcome to my dining room. Technically, this all happened yesterday, but seeing as how it still looks exactly like this, I figure it's appropriate to share it today. We are waiting for our insurance company to send an adjuster out to pinpoint the exact cause and exact coverage determination, but yeah, this is real life today. Yikes.


All in all, it could be a lot worse. The kids are often in that room playing with Legos on the table, but thankfully they were at school when this happened. All of the Legos are buried under all of that fiberglass insulation though, so that's a bummer. There were at least 30-40 mini-figures. Hopefully they can be recovered or deemed replaceable. I didn't have any dinner guests planned anytime in the immediate future, so that's a plus. And, both entrances into the dining room have a door, so the space can be closed off from the rest of the house. Out of sight, out of mind, at least for another day, until the adjuster comes out and tells us where to go from here. But the sooner this real mess is out of my real life, the sooner I'll be real happy about that!

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