31 Days of Real Life: Day Six

Some days, your dinner game is on pointe. There are veggies--fresh ones--and a colorful palette on your child's plate (not that will eat all of it, but hey, at least you're trying). These are the nights where the meal doesn't come from boxes or cans and that involved, like, actual prep time and your actual oven. And you receive praises and applause as you take a bow before your family as they gratefully thank you for your diligent care and expertise in preparing such a fine meal. I may be mildly exaggerating here. These are the nights that you feel like a culinary goddess, a domestic powerhouse who keeps her family healthy and strong.

And then there are other nights, when you come home from work and have to leave right away to go to Cub Scouts, or whatever other activity it may be, and you realize it's almost 8:00 and holy heck, the kids have been snacking all evening but haven't actually had dinner, and you thank the Lord in His great goodness for the creation of Hot and Ready pizzas and you call it good.


Day 6, complete.