Minivan Confessions Ep. 2: The Comparison Trap

Here is the second episode of Minivan Confessions!

Ever thought anything like this?

"My house is a mess. Why can't I keep it clean like ______ does?"
"Ugh. My thighs. If I had a body like ________, I'd feel better about myself."
"I can't even aim a glue gun properly. Look at that mom who does the cutest crafts with her kids. I wish I could pull that off."

Haven't we all been there? We look to someone else and measure our accomplishments/skills/beauty/goodness against theirs. In this video, I talk about a time when that happened to me and what I learned from the experience, as well as offer some words of encouragement for anyone who might feel like they are not "enough". Spoiler alert: YOU ARE!!

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