"Hey! I Know Where I've Seen You Before!"

Kids have a way of being brutally honest, don’t they? A few years ago, I had just dropped my 3rd grade students off to their gym period, and I was walking back to my classroom for my planning time. Now, at this time, I had a 6 year old, 3 year old, and 2 year old, and you could say that life outside (and inside) of the workday was pretty hectic. But I must have looked really rough around the edges, because as I passed by a group of kindergarten students, one little boy, who was not familiar to me, looked me in the eye, pointed right at me, and excitedly said, “Hey, I know where I’ve seen you before! I saw you on The Walking Dead!”

Now listen, I understand and agree with you if you think that no kindergarten student should be watching that show...but let’s focus on the words that he uttered, shall we?! “I saw you on The Walking Dead” leads me to believe that I either looked like I was a gruesome zombie, OR (best case scenario, I guess) that I am a pretty girl who just so happens to be living in a post-apocalyptic world where there are no hot showers or hair dryers, and all of the concealer is long gone. Luckily I wasn’t deeply cut by his statement, because I was instead caught off guard and just humored by it.

 Hmmm...Okay, so maybe the kid is right. 

Hmmm...Okay, so maybe the kid is right. 

However, sometimes when people call attention to our imperfections (or resemblance to a zombie), it can hurt us. Sometimes we don’t have time to blow dry and style our hair--or let’s be real here…sometimes it doesn’t get washed at all, and that’s because we were up all night nursing a hungry baby, or comforting a sick child. Maybe we have stretch marks on our hips and stomachs, and that’s because we had the honor of growing and carrying a human life.

But if the world sees a tired mom, God sees our beauty and strength and willingness to put our children’s needs before our own.

In a world in which even the most in-shape and amazingly toned celebrities, athletes, and other public figures, can get criticized by cruel-hearted bullies, it's easy to forget that we are created by a master artist. That we were made in His image. That we are beautiful and dearly loved. That the outside is not what matters most. That our identity is not defined by our waist size or the number on the scale, but is instead defined by who we are in Christ. Daughters. Made in His image. Radically adored. Let's remember all of that today. Even on those days when we are worn out and dragged down, let us remember who we are. Not zombies. Not mistakes. Not a disappointment. Sure, you may be tired, but you are also strong. Let us not be bothered by the remarks of others, and let us instead be reminded of how God feels and what He sees when He looks at us, his works of art. Yes, even if a kindergartener thinks you look like this: 

P.S. These were the least gruesome TWD photos I could find, by far. So, sorry for the blood, but this is the Zocalypse, after all. 


"The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7